3 Reasons New Homeowners Should Get a Storage Unit

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If you’re a new homeowner or are planning to move your family into a new house, the many tasks and responsibilities may seem overwhelming. Between working with realtors on real estate legalities, the paperwork of potential mortgage payments and interest rates, and the actual logistics of “moving day,” numerous factors must go smoothly during the transition.

But whether you’re planning your first home or relocating to a new home, there is one solution that can make the entire process run more efficiently: An offsite storage unit. Here, we will look at just 3 reasons why new homeowners should get a storage unit, and how such an investment can make the “big move” so much easier.

1. Packing Made Easier


Even for first-time homebuyers, a new house requires ample time and effort for packing. Whether you’re moving from an apartment or switching houses for more space, the odds are that you may have many personal belongings to pack. By investing in a secure 24 hour storage facility, you can solve the largest problem of all—making room for all your stuff!

Organization is crucial when moving into a new home. However, by boxing up all your belongings for temporary placement in a storage facility, you can let out a sigh of relief that your family’s valuables are offsite and secure, without the necessity of making finalized decisions of where everything should be arranged in the new home. For experienced homeowners and first-time homebuyers alike, a self-storage facility is an ideal solution for security and 24-hour access

2. First Home Buyer Insurance and Belongings

If you’re new to homeownership, there’s a chance this is also your first mortgage. Perhaps it’s also your first time dealing with private mortgage insurance. If that’s the case, packing up your belongings and moving them to a safe, offsite location during the moving process can offer additional peace of mind. In fact, using the storage unit as a means of inventory for your family’s possessions can even make the process of applying for homeowners insurance more streamlined, as you can quickly submit an estimate of your assets along with your credit score, personal information, and estimated property taxes for the home loan.

In effect, having a storage unit in which to protect your possessions does more than just get your valuables out of the way; it helps you take an accounting of all you have of value. If you decide to keep your storage unit indefinitely, timing your monthly payments with your monthly mortgage payment can help keep your expenditures consolidated.

As a side-note, if you’re a first home buyer and considering a home loan over a conventional loan, consult with your real estate agent for all the options. You may qualify for payment assistance in the form of lower interest rates or a low down payment (depending upon your credit score), as well as extra money as an emergency fund towards your closing costs. Educators and members of the military on active duty aren’t the only ones eligible, and it may benefit you to take a homebuyer education class prior to your home search. Consider all your loan program options as you load up your storage unit for the move and conduct your inventory of assets!

3. More Convenient Unpacking


As the big move approaches, your accumulating boxes take up floor space, creating clutter as you prepare to leave this primary residence for your new home. However, with easy access to a storage unit at a convenient location, you can deposit packed boxes as you go along, never even allowing clutter to accumulate. As security is a factor, a storage facility is also equipped with proper security cameras and customer service, additionally keeping your valuables safe.

However, in leaving your primary residence, the ample floor space can also help you organize an open house, creating space for potential “walk-through” tours of the home, or tidying up for a needed home inspection. If you obtain a storage unit early in your moving process, you can have the convenience to drop off boxes or retrieve needed items already packed, as the monthly payment permits you 24-hour access to your possessions. Due to recent popularity in storage facilities, it’s best to conduct some due diligence to seek out available storage units with the needed 24-hour access far in advance of your actual moving date.

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