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DiaalNews first began in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York as the print column turned online publication, Diaal News Daily. It has since become an authoritative and trusted source for breaking news in the finance, technology, and entertainment industries. DiaalNews is known for its modern reporting across several shared interests, including politics, travel, and leisure. Influential industry leaders and key decision-makers track DiaalNews updated posts regularly, as it is the best place to find out what is going on in the news and cultural landscape.

Editor in Chief

Solomon joined DiaalNews as Editor-in-Chief in 2016 after working at Vox for 6 years as a reporter, writer, columnist, and managing editor. He is a nationally recognized reporter and author. During his career, he has written for numerous magazines including Esquire, The New Yorker, and Sports Illustrated. A Philadelphia native and lifelong Eagles fan, he now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two sons.

Senior Managing Editor

Alaia joined DiaalNews in 2019 as a Senior Editor. She previously worked at Entertainment Weekly, where she had been a digital news writer the past two years. Alaia has a distinct passion for lifting and projecting the voices of marginalized communities, and she spearheaded the DiaalNews Diversity & Inclusion coverage. She is based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and daughter, and volunteers with local youth media programs.

Executive Editor

Malcolm joined DiaalNews in 2020 and manages the editorial team, running the site's day-to-day news operations. He came from The Hollywood Reporter, where he spent three years as a Copy Editor and Assistant Managing Editor. He graduated from UCLA with a Masters in Journalism, and started his career as a sportswriter at the Los Angeles Daily News.

Senior Staff Editor

Jaden joined Deadline as a New York-based contributor in 2018. He leads business and Wall Street coverage and other East Coast happenings. After graduating from Howard University, Jaden moved to Brooklyn and began his career as a freelance journalist. Jaden then spent several years tracking the entertainment industry as a writer and editor for Variety and Entertainment Weekly. His freelance work has appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Staff Writer

Elsie joined DIaalNews in 2017 as a staff writer. She is also the co-host of the successful podcast, Before the Jump. During her prolific freelance career she wrote for Vox, The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, and the New York Daily News. Elsie’s insightful analysis and thorough coverage of the entertainment and music industries is award-winning. Elsie’s interest in the entertainment industry extends back to her roots in Los Angeles. She now lives in Brooklyn with her bulldog, Donut.

Staff Writer

Nathan has been a full-time journalist for over 12 years. Before joining DiaalNews in 2020, he spent nearly 5 years at The New Yorker, covering everything from politics to movie and TV reviews. Before that he was served as a staff reporter for the Providence Journal for several years, where he resided after graduating from Brown University. He is a New Englander at heart and will never give up on the Boston Red Sox.

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