3 Ways to Increase Your Semen Volume

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Having a steady stream of semen volume can help a man with sexual intercourse when the occasion arises. Having an increased ejaculate volume helps to provide a prospective partner with more pleasure, while also increasing the chances of possible pregnancy. Having a bigger load when it comes to semen volume is something that men and their partners often seek out during sex, no matter the reason. In some cases though, this doesn’t happen.

An orgasm may not have been as long-lasting, the ejaculate volume was low, or the semen volume may not have been as much as either person involved in the act of sex might have wanted. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that this does not happen. The good news is that a man can keep their semen volume at a level with which they can be satisfied, allowing a bigger load of semen to be created. Check out some of the ways that a man can ensure that they can increase their semen volume.

1. Stay relaxed.


One of the biggest causes of an unhealthy lifestyle is stress. Exercising, eating healthy, and taking supplements like vitamin C can help people to ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle such as this is one that can ensure that a person can live a long time, without having to worry about potential health issues down the line. One major way that a person can make sure that they live a long life, is to make certain lifestyle changes.

One of these lifestyle changes is removing as much stressful activity as possible from one’s life. An added plus for this is that removing stress from one’s life can help with increasing a man’s semen volume. Stress can hurt your overall health, both mentally and physically. Such psychological stress can also negatively hurt the semen volume and semen production that a man experiences.

Studies show that psychological stress is harmful to sperm and semen quality. There seems to be a correlation between stress and the release of steroid hormones called glucocorticoids, stunting the levels of testosterone and sperm production. Finding ways to stay relaxed can help out on this front.

2. Use male enhancement pills.


Male enhancement pills can go a long way with helping to increase a man’s semen volume. The easiest way of trying to accomplish this goal is by taking male enhancement pills. Pills such as these can help with semen production, helping to increase a man’s ejaculate volume. To find the right male enhancement pills, try to Google the phrase “How to cum more.”

Products such as Semenax can go a long way with helping a man to produce more semen, in the hopes of reaching climax during sexual intercourse. Common sense would dictate that a person suffering from low semen production would have a good reason to try a product like Semenax to try and increase their semen volume.

3. Drink more water


Drinking water keeps you healthy, helps with weight loss, and also helps with increasing a man’s semen volume. Research shows that men who drink more water throughout the day have an increased semen volume. If you drink too little water semen will be thicker. This will cause sperm to have trouble with swimming. There doesn’t seem to be a definite amount of water which would help with increasing a man’s semen volume. It’s suggested that a person drinks one cup of water every hour during the day that they are awake. This should be more than enough to help with increasing one’s semen volume.

By following some of these helpful tips, you may be able to increase your seminal fluid and sperm motility. While they may not turn you into a porn star, these tips can help you raise testosterone levels and work to overcome erectile dysfunction, too.

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