5 Tips for Choosing the Best Self Storage Facility

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Unless you’ve recently pulled a Marie Kondo and tossed out everything that didn’t spark joy, your home might still be a bit cluttered. That’s okay. Even as humans, we tend to nest a bit. When we get more comfortable in our space, it’s easy to let the piles add up. However, when you’re getting ready to move, downsizing, or even preparing for a deployment, it’s hard to know what to do with all of those belongings. That’s where self-storage can help.

Regardless of if you’re investing in modern facilities with climate-controlled storage units or you need a storage rental for business storage, navigating the U.S. storage market can be difficult. For the best self-storage experience and to find a storage unit that works for your needs, here’s what you need to know.

1. Look for reliability.

From business storage for your office space to personal self-storage when you’re preparing for deployment, it’s important to find a reliable storage facility, no matter how much space you actually need. Not all storage facilities are created equally, after all. To start, look for modern facilities. These often include features like 24-hour video surveillance, climate-controlled units, and even the use of a free moving truck, depending on the facility. Then, take a look at a few different storage facilities and compare their features and reviews to see which ones are the most reliable. Even if the use of a free moving truck sounds appealing, for instance, you have to make sure it makes sense for your monthly spending.

2. Do some planning.


If you want the best self-storage experience, you need to do some initial planning. After all, if you wait until the last minute to find personal self-storage, you might not be able to secure much space, if any. For a self-storage unit, it’s a good idea to plan several months out for a great experience. This gives you more time to pack sensitive items and choose the best options for boxes and storage totes.

3. Look for add-ons.

Storage units that provide perks are often the best options for people who are moving or require affordable self-storage solutions. Whether it’s that free moving truck or even some complimentary physical labor, brands like US Storage know that valuable customers keep the business moving. While not every storage brand offers a free moving truck or labor to its valuable customers, many provide perks.

4. Consider every use case.


While it’s easy to focus strictly on affordable self-storage solutions, you also need to make sure that your chosen storage facility works for you in the future too. For example, if you’re getting ready to buy sensitive items that need a climate-controlled unit, consider this ahead of time. Look for units that accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes.

Think of how you’re using the space now and how you might end up using it down the road. If you’ve been looking at RVs, motorcycles, or other vehicles, for instance, you might want to consider a facility that handles vehicle storage needs.

5. Find a facility that’s willing to help.

When you’re loading up your belongings into a storage unit, you want to be able to ask for help if you need it. Look for a self-storage facility that’s more responsive or offers several ways to solve any of your problems. Some storage facilities will advise you on packing your unit for the maximum effect, while others won’t do so much as lift a finger. If you want the absolute best self-storage experience, it’s a good idea to find a facility that will occasionally pitch in.

Finding the right self-storage facility takes time. But, whether you’re storing RVs, motorcycles, or family heirlooms, you want to keep your belongings in the right place. If you need self-storage, these storage tips can help.

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