5 Ways to Transform Your Backyard Into the Neighborhood Hangout

a backyard with a gazebo and chairs

You’ve seen those movies with the big backyard gatherings where all the teenagers party at the pool or hang out around the fire pit. Or perhaps these images are a real-life example of your friend’s and neighbor’s extravagant backyard gatherings. But why should they get to have all the fun? You deserve a fun, exciting yard as well.

Gone are the days of being satisfied with a simple patch of grass and a basic wood deck in your backyard. If you’re wanting to make your yard the neighborhood hangout spot, then you have some work to do. Make your backyard a true destination that will be good at any time of day. Maybe this is an expansion project or a consideration while building a new house. Just remember to create a fun, livable space for everyone, adults and kiddos alike. And when you’re done with your plans and renovations, your backyard will be the talk of the town. Follow along with these tips to help you create something that will make the neighbors truly jealous.

Set up seating and hangout spots

If you’re hosting a hangout, you need a place for people to go. This is why seating areas are the first thing to create when you’re redesigning your backyard. Create a true aesthetic to your patio with a table and chairs for an outdoor picnic. Or perhaps you want to set up a more cozy area with wooden couches cushioned with bright vibrant colors. It’s important to direct your guests to a certain area that feels organized and classic. Make sure you’re covered from the summer sun as well. Up north, you can utilize a Chicago retractable awning to keep your hangout spot covered from the elements. With many options, you can decide what works best for you (retractable awnings, canvas, or other permanent fixtures). When you’re adding on a piece like that, be sure you have the best company taking care of your needs.

Stay open and available at night

Not all backyard parties happen during the daytime. You may want to host cocktail evenings or a late-nite campfire. Consider this as you research what pieces will work best for your yard. You’ll also want to remember that pests like to come out at night. Investing in a natural mosquito repellent for yard will help keep mosquitos away and minimize mosquito bites for your guests. This solution can be as easy as a spray bottle that naturally keeps away mosquitos, ticks, and other creepy-crawlers.

Consider your backyard when building

Oftentimes, a backyard can feel like an afterthought that you work on after you’ve already purchased your home. But if you’re building or searching for your dream home, consider the yard before you buy or build. Use a home loan calculator to decide if that initial investment is something you can afford. You also may be able to refinance or lower your interest rate if you’ve lived in your home for years and want to take on a yard expansion project. Costs can add up, so be sure your initial mortgage payment is as low as possible so you can pursue your dreams of living in style.

Have a centerpiece

backyard needs a centerpiece. This can be many different things. If you live somewhere warm, maybe you want to invest in a pool. That will really make you the talk of the neighborhood. You may also consider a simple fire pit, swing set, or garden oasis. In order to be a true hangout spot, you need to have a star of the show that brings people to your backyard.

Keep the kids in mind

If you’re hoping to entertain your neighbors, you’ll be catering to people of all ages. Keep the kids in mind. Be ready with backyard games or even a small playground for them. A pool or sprinklers are a great way to be sure your yard is a fun hangout spot not just for the adults, but the kids also.

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