Determine the Level of Travel Insurance You Need

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Travel insurance is a must for any serious adventurer. Whether you are planning a cross country road trip throughout the United States or a scuba diving holiday in the Red Sea, international travel should never be made without proper travel insurance coverage.

Why travel with insurance?

Travel can be full of fantastic surprises, but also many unexpected hazards as well. This is true for virtually every holiday destination on the planet, no matter how far from home you go. As a precaution, many travelers choose to insure themselves against injury or thefts while on holiday. Travel insurance is the answer to these troubles, giving the traveler the peace of mind to engage in whatever crazy antics might present themselves while away from home.

This is a great way to give yourself a blanket of safety while scuba diving with sharks, hiking a treacherous mountain trail, skiing on a difficult course, or even just going on a pub tour where drinking will be the standard activity for your group. Regardless of the events, you hope to participate in while away, travel insurance will protect your finances and stress levels.

Travel insurance does more, though.

Travel insurance is also a great way to cover the typical setbacks that many seasoned international travelers have likely seen in their day. Lost bags, canceled accommodations, and even hospitalization with Covid-19 are all covered by a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Perhaps the most annoying thing that can happen to a Seeker member or other traveler is the loss of checked baggage. Baggage, and particularly the items you’ve checked on, contains your most valuable items. This is true for their cash value, but also for their importance on your vacation. Without a checked bag you are stuck with a very slim rotation of clothing that happened to be stored in a carry-on or backpack that you brought on board.

Many travelers will pack a few articles of clothing in a carry on for this exact reason, but this is hardly enough to last for long if the airport or train station can’t find your bag within a day or two. Travel insurance that covers lost luggage can give you a cash payout for your lost items so that you can buy new attire without too much hassle or time spent slumming it. The last thing you will want to do on vacation is worry about your luggage, so getting this squared away as quickly as possible is a must for those looking into insurance options for their next trip.

Trip Cancellations

Travel insurance for planned excursions on cruise ships, airplane journeys, and even ferry crossings can also be used to cover unexpected cancellations. Things come up in life that might cause us to cancel at the last minute. Covid-19 is a great example of an unforeseen denial of access. The Centers for Disease Control — the CDC — recommends limited international travel to and from the United States, and airplane travel has dropped like a stone over the last twelve months.

All this adds up to millions of canceled holiday plans in foreign countries and domestic travelers alike. With cancellation coverage in your travel insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will get your refund. And this will happen without having to spend hours on the phone with an intransigent booking agent trying to tell you that they won’t refund you for some obscure list of reasons.

Adding travel insurance to your next trips is the best way to ensure that you are covered for a litany of potential hazards that could strike before departure or while away on vacation.

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