Easy Ways to Manage and Track Menopause

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Menopause is a perfectly natural life stage that many women dread. Much like puberty, it can come with changing moods, hormonal changes, irritability, hot flashes, and more. If you’re entering menopause and are confused about the changes happening to your body, it’s a great idea to connect with other women going through this important life stage, too. Through using programs, apps, the support of your healthcare provider, and journaling, you’ll find yourself feeling less alone and confused during this life change. For a few easy ways to manage and track menopause to make things easier overall, read on.

Programs and Apps


One of the easiest ways to track menopause and perimenopause is through the MenoLife App. This app, made by Menolabs, is a great way to log your menopause symptoms and get information about symptoms you may be experiencing as you work through this major life change. From the ability to track single symptoms, like your last period and missed periods, to the opportunity to share experiences in a supportive community, this app is fantastic for anyone interested in menopause health during midlife and beyond.

A benefit to using this MenoLife tool is that it will help you track your menstrual cycle and allow you to identify symptom triggers. For example, if you’re like many women, one of your most severe symptoms is hot flashes that seem to come out of nowhere. By having this handy app on your cell phone, you’ll be able to find patterns of what’s triggering your hot flashes. For some women, this could be weather, diet, or even spicy foods. For others, it could be how much sleep they got the night before and whether they’ve had menopause-induced insomnia. Using this app will allow you to see these patterns and make lifestyle changes to reduce or predict symptoms.

Keeping a Journal


Another easy way to track menopause symptoms is to begin keeping a journal. Not only will this method be a great outlet for tracking feelings and moods, but it will also serve as a handy way to track symptom severity. If you’re someone who enjoys writing or journaling, is great at forming daily habits, and is concerned about whether you’re heading into menopause or not, picking up a journal and tracking symptoms and emotions could be an easy way to capture your journey and an important reference for your doctors.

Joining a Support Group


Menopause is something most women experience. Until recently, it hasn’t been something many women talked about publically. Now, with social media, blogs, vlogs, and technology, women are finally sharing their experiences. The great news is that the World Wide Web offers virtual support groups for women looking to take control of their transition into post-menopause life. If you’re in advanced midlife health and aren’t sure if you’re in perimenopause or further along and are looking to meet other women in the same boat, a quick Google search for menopause support groups could be a great way to connect with others and help yourself to feel less alone.

Checking In with Doctors


Staying in touch with your doctor as you begin to experience signs of menopause is a great first step in tracking your health. Doctors will keep regular records of things like weight gain and missed periods. During this time of transition, it’s important to share your concerns and relevant experiences with your healthcare provider. Be sure to keep annual visits up as you work your way through the changes ahead. Doctors can help with hormone replacement therapies, probiotics, and tips and tricks, too.

In the end, while most women aren’t particularly excited about entering menopause, there are benefits to finding ways to accept, manage, and track it. On top of being past regular periods and monthly hormonal changes, when you come out on the other end of menopause, you’ll likely be glad you took the time to make it easier on yourself. In focusing on the result and doing what you can to manage symptoms now, you’ll be in a better position to look forward to and enjoy your next life chapters.

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