How Alamos Gold Is Improving the Mining Industry

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The gold mining industry is a lagging giant. Gold is a crucial resource in the production of innumerable commodity goods and in the development of an even greater field of industrial processes. From high end jewelry to wiring and soldering solutions that go into the creation of computing and telecommunications equipment, gold is an invaluable metal that begins its journey into the consumer world with the help of mining firms like Alamos.

Alamos Gold (AGI) is one of many mining outfits that operate in the United States and the greater landscape of North America more generally. Based in Canada, the firm maintains three high performance mines in Mexico (at the Mulatos Mine) and Northern Ontario (The Island Gold Mine and Young-Davidson Mine).

But there’s more to Alamos than a few productive mines. In fact, Alamos is shaking up the mining industry with leading sustainability practices and new mining projects that poise the firm for explosive and environmentally sustainable growth over the long term.

The Kirazli project and other mining operations in the Republic of Turkey are a game changer.


Alamos’ Kirazli project is one of the most exciting development works in the entire industry. The developing Kirazli mine is poised to become one of the world’s lowest cost gold producers, even after factoring in the added cost of sustainability measures. As well, a feasibility study of the Kirazli site pegs the production of this location at about 100,000 ounces of gold per year. This means that it will join the North American mines as high output locations in short order and bolster Alamos’ ability to sustainably produce a massive quantity of mined and refined gold.

The Turkish government has approved each of the three proposed locations within the country as well, meaning that there are no barriers to entry into these new production sites other than the final groundbreaking that will eventually usher in these new mines to the Alamos family of mine sites.

Sustainability is king at Alamos Gold Inc.


Unlike many of its competitors, Alamos is committed to high quality and environmentally friendly mining processes. By refraining from the use of cyanide and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment and groundwater that people in surrounding towns and cities will ultimately use for their daily lives, Alamos is a force for good in preserving the environment around us for generations to come.

The mining industry is a key player in the production and research of a wide variety of industrial and commercial solutions that make life easier for humans. The industry is expanding, yet many producers remain unconcerned with the footprint they are leaving behind after digging up this precious metal. Alamos is a cut above the rest in this regard.

Alamos is a great stock investment as well.


Gold is a fantastic investment for long hold traders. This has been a piece of conventional wisdom for centuries. But Alamos operates as a viable stock market entity all on its own. The means of production in this industry is often a complicated dance, yet Alamos (NYSE: AGI) consistently pays out high quality dividends and can act as a unique growth asset over the long term as well.

Investing requires a fundamental picture regarding the financials and other aspects of any business, so doing your due diligence on the company is of course an essential piece of reading. However, after checking up on the company’s history of environmentally sound decision making and the high value factor that Alamos stock delivers to the shareholder, this investment truly becomes a bit of a no-brainer. Alamos is at the forefront of change in the gold mining industry. Take note and jump onboard.

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