How Auto Dialers Are Used in the Modern Call Center

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Call centers are competitive environments, and running one effectively can make or break your business. Unfortunately, there is a numbers game to utilizing call centers for your business. With most people utilizing caller ID and ignoring what they believe to be sales calls, it’s more difficult than ever to profit with a center. However, there are software solutions designed to help companies make the most out of their centers. A modern call center requires the use of software innovations to remain competitive.

Bright Pattern is a software company that offers a wide range of innovative cloud contact center solutions to help mid-size and large-size businesses provide the best possible customer experience. The greater the customer service, the more likely the customers are to listen and accept the information. In addition, these solutions work to streamline the call center business model and make the center run more effectively, which saves the company money. Here are three benefits of using auto-dialers in the modern call center environment and how they work.

Streamlined Processes for Training


Autodialer software allows companies to streamline their entire process, which has many benefits, including improved training. Turnover is one of the most significant expenses for large businesses due to the cost of advertising, vetting potential applicants, and training new employees. Teaching someone to act as a live agent utilizing a predictive dialer and getting a high conversion rate requires extensive training. However, the more streamlined the whole process is, the more efficiently training can be presented. Most questions will be answered before they’re even asked because the trainer will be able to predict questions when it comes to using a preview dialer or lead management system. Additionally, making the training process easier for new employees will also help reduce the turnover rate.



Using predictive or preview dialer software programs is more cost-effective for the company. It minimizes the outbound calls that go unanswered and provides the salesforce with better opportunities to make money, keeping them engaged and working hard towards their personal financial goals. Workflow automation is important for any digital transformation. Just as assembly lines automated the car industry, auto dialer software automates the workflow in contact centers.

Companies need to find ways to cut costs and improve results without sacrificing customer satisfaction when looking at the bottom line. Contact centers are utilized for a wide range of tasks and may need to change systems and tactics depending on the clientele. However, the flexibility of the auto dialing software makes it easy to work with many clients, increasing the profitability of the contact center.

Fewer Mistakes


The more automation provided, the fewer mistakes employees will be able to make. Mistakes happen and are natural within all industries. However, mistakes can also be costly, so decreasing the potential for mistakes will increase employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and boost positive sales results. When utilizing the software for telemarketing, political campaigns, or a support team, the automation, and recorded message will ensure that all needed legal statements are made correctly and clearly. The call record, live call, text message, and voicemail options allow contact centers to offer the level of contact desired by the client and what works best for the target audience.

While call routing and dialing software was originally used primarily for telesales, the software has become valuable in various ways for medium to large-scale businesses. As a growing company, exploring the options will show how these benefits may pertain to your specific company and use of the software. You can compare your current training process to what you would need for software training. You can also see the difference in price over time after the initial investment of the software. As a savvy business owner, there are many factors to consider when looking at upgrading your processes.

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