How Common Are Injuries in the Restaurant Field?

a man preparing food in a kitchen

Restaurants are notorious for high turnover, short-staffed kitchens, and worker hours lost to injury. Moreover, commercial kitchens are hazardous workplaces with many opportunities for sprains, cuts, and burns. The best way to reduce workplace injuries is to take preventative measures so that you ensure staff can minimize risk.

Slip and fall injuries may result from slippery or uneven floors.


Oils and liquids quickly find their way onto kitchen floors, and if the floors are uneven, they become especially hazardous. Slip and fall injuries can result in sprains, bruises, broken bones, and head injuries. Given the amount of sharp and hot objects in a kitchen, slip and fall injuries are especially dangerous. The best way to prevent workers from taking a tumble is to install non-slip flooring mats throughout the kitchen and ensure workers immediately clean spills. Provide workers with safe transport methods for moving large quantities of hot liquids or used oils. Find ways to level uneven floors or visibly flag uneven areas with bright markings to caution workers. It should be mandatory for all workers to wear non-slip footwear.

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Dangerous machinery and heavy equipment require caution.


Restaurant kitchens are full of equipment for cutting, chopping, and searing. Given how crowded kitchens can be, there’s a huge risk of accidents caused by machinery or equipment. You must ensure that all workers are trained to use commercial kitchen equipment safely. Workers should wear cut-resistant gloves that cover the wrists, refrain from wearing loose-fitting clothing, and use the equipment’s safety guards.

Restaurant equipment can be heavy, and improperly lifting them can result in sprains and strains. Provide workers with back belts to wear when handling deliveries or inventory. Workers should be trained on how to properly lift heavy items, and they should have access to dollies or hand trucks.

The safety and functionality of your restaurant equipment plays a major role in the safety of the workplace and reducing injuries. Stocking your kitchen with durable second-hand commercial freezers, refrigerators, and natural and propane gas equipment is an affordable way to provide the tools your workers need. The Restaurant Warehouse carries the best used restaurant equipment in Seattle and they offer next day delivery for local orders.

They offer a range of high-quality stainless steel restaurant supplies with all the functionality of new equipment at a fraction of the price. They also have pots, pans, disposables, small wares, dinnerware, glassware, and more for your bakery, deli, pizzeria, or food truck needs. The best way to prevent a serious accident in the kitchen is to ensure all equipment and supplies are fully functioning and suitable for workers to handle.

Hot surfaces and chemicals cause burn injuries.


Restaurant kitchens are hot‚Äîsurfaces, liquids, oils, foods, and cookware is everywhere. It’s a restaurant’s best practice for workers to wear long-sleeved chef jackets and bib aprons. There should always be hot pads, side towels, and heatproof gloves around for handling hot pans. In addition, commercial cleaning supplies and sanitizers are full of potent chemicals that can cause serious injuries. Improperly handling chemicals can cause respiratory, skin, or eye injuries. Your first aid kit should always be stocked with items to treat burns and cuts, and you need to have an eye-washing station available.

Restaurant kitchen safety starts by training workers on how to handle kitchen equipment, ensuring they have access to first aid, and providing safety items such as slip mats, hand trucks, and safety guards.

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