How On-Premises Security Helps Prevent Workplace Incidents

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No matter the industry, onsite security is an important necessity for productivity and safety. As technology evolves in assisting every facet of the business, so do the security measures. With new innovations empowering management and business owners in securing their locations, full security can mean many things. Aside from protection from unlawful entry, a comprehensive security system also monitors environmental threats, as well as team member compliance. Here, we will take a look at how on-premises security can help prevent workplace incidents, ensuring your organization’s full safety measures and coverage.

On-Premises Incidents and Proactive Measures


When it comes to on-premises security, there are many areas that a comprehensive strategy should cover. Although proper security measures protect your team members from various dangers (including entry, theft, burglary, as well as environmental dangers), there are also concerns regarding injury and compliance. Outside visitors to any private business are also a concern. As a small business owner, it’s also important to remember that public safety is a crucial extension of your own liability.

In all manners of security and your organization’s compliance, the first important task you should address is getting reputable public liability insurance. This is an absolute necessity in protecting your company’s assets and reputation in the event of any on-site incidents. Simply put, “public liability” deems you, the business owner, as the responsible party if a visitor to the premises or member of the public makes a legal claim against your organization due to injury or property damage. If they were injured, or their car was damaged in the parking lot, you could be on the hook financially.

Before you consider any investments in security hardware, be sure to attain the insurance coverage you’ll need in such an emergency. It’ll make your strategic approach to comprehensive security all the more efficient.

The Best Security Hardware for Your Organization


For all security and compliance incidents that can occur at your organization’s location, the greatest asset for convenience and efficiency is a modern dome security camera system. Anyone who goes out in public will notice the enclosed dome cameras that seem common as mounted fixtures above doors and high-traffic areas. However, the technology behind these dome units has evolved, now including key features integral to a secure, smart location.

For example, new security systems not only have 24/7 digital capabilities for round-the-clock monitoring and security surveillance but are also often equipped for environmental concerns. This means changes in temperature (associated with fires, smoke, or dangerous gas leaks), as well as sensors for compliance-related scenarios (such as recreational “vaping,” which is largely prohibited in public places and work areas). In addition, the dome camera units themselves are protected from wind, rain, and other weather-related elements that could damage the equipment and limit its functionality.

Finally, the latest and most innovative security cameras are largely adaptable for remote control. With this feature, your dome camera can be controlled using mobile app features on your phone or other mobile devices, allowing you to monitor POV in real-time, no matter where you are. You can even stay in constant contact with your on-site security team while continuing to view the camera’s functionality and POV.

If the security of your team members, building visitors, and the integrity of your organization are among your highest priorities, it is important that you cover all the bases. With your insurance policy ensuring that your assets and liability stay in check and your security systems keep an unblinking eye on your location, you’re free to meet the everyday needs for productivity and secure workflow.

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