How To Develop Your Own Personal Sense of Style

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Your sense of style expresses your unique personality and who you are as an individual. Developing your style can be a fun and exciting process. There are a few things you can keep in mind, though. Keep reading for tips on how to develop your sense of style.

Deciding Your Style Look


Personal style is all about expressing yourself through your clothing and appearance. It can be challenging to develop your sense of style, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The first step is to decide what look you want to go for. Do you want to be trendy or classic? Casual or formal? Once you’ve decided on a look, start collecting pieces that reflect that style. If you want your style to be more street style, consider adding graphic hoodies to your wardrobe.

A graphic hoodie is a type of hooded sweatshirt with a graphic design or pattern on the front. They are often brightly colored and can be pretty eye-catching. There are many different ways to style a graphic hoodie. Some people choose to wear them with plain jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look, while others may pair them with track pants or shorts for a more sporty look. You can also research different styles or fashion pieces to find inspiration, like if you’re wondering where Tchami gets his priestly style from or how to find trendy pieces at thrift shops. Experiment with different combinations until you find outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Picking Your Colors


When developing your sense of style, one of the most important things to remember is what colors look best on you. First, start by thinking about the colors that make you feel good. When you wear those colors, do you feel more confident and stylish? Next, think about the colors that are already present in your wardrobe. For example, do you have many blue or green items? Those may be some of your favorite colors to wear.

Look at the color wheel and try to find complementary colors that will look good together. For example, if you have a lot of cool tones in your wardrobe, try pairing them with warm tones to create a balanced look. Keep in mind seasonal changes and how they can affect your color palette. In the wintertime, warmer shades like reds and oranges might be more flattering than cool shades like blues and greens.

Knowing Different Styles

There are so many different fashion styles that it can be hard to track them all. A few of the more popular styles include grunge, boho, preppy, trendy, and classic. Grunge fashion is about being comfortable. It often features loose clothing, torn jeans, and flannels.

Boho fashion is all about being free and expressive. It often features flowy skirts, peasant blouses, and lots of jewelry.

Preppy style is all about looking polished and put together. It often features fitted clothing, solid colors, and traditional patterns. Trendy fashion is constantly changing, so it’s hard to define. It often features bright colors, bold patterns, and lots of accessories. Classic fashion is always in style. It often features neutral colors, timeless designs, and a perfect fit.


Developing a personal sense of style is essential because it allows you to feel confident in your skin and express yourself in a way that is true to you. It can also help you to stand out from the crowd and make a personal statement. While it is essential to take into account the opinions of others, it is also vital to stay true to yourself and not let others control your wardrobe. By developing your sense of style, you can create an identity that is all your own.

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