How to Plan a Trip With Your Furry Friend

a dog with its tongue out

For many of us, going on a vacation is a great way to break our busy schedules. However, it’s difficult to leave our furry friends behind. Most dog owners think that their pets should partake in the fun that comes with trips and vacations—so why not bring them along?

Nowadays, we tend to take their pets with us on vacations. However, this can prove to be a hard time because traveling with pets requires a lot of planning. In this article, we’ll show you how to plan a trip with your furry friend.

1. Visit the pet shop.


To keep your pet comfortable during the trip, you need to get the essential things they need throughout the journey. Some of these items include dog harnesses, collars, toys, treats, and tags. No doubt, a leash is essential to prevent losing your pup. Even though a leash has adjustable points, veterinary doctors advise against it as it can cause severe injuries to the dog’s thyroid or windpipe. More so, to keep your dog from harming your fellow dog friends, consider using a dog harness.

When looking purchasing a dog harness, opt for one that offers a secure fit to keep your dog in check. Don’t know where to buy the best harness for your dog? Not to worry, Joyride Harness sells some of the best dog harnesses in the market.

Some of their everyday dog harnesses include a front-clip harness, pull harness, no-pull harness, and ruffwear front range harness. Regardless of the type of harness you buy, make sure you don’t compromise on quality.

2. Consult your vet.

Before you travel with your pet, you must consult your vet. Your pet must undertake a thorough health checkup as this helps in disease control. The first step to book an appointment ahead of your vacation.

Your vet will tell you whether your pet is healthy enough to embark on a trip or whether you need a third party to look after them while you are gone. If this is your first time taking your pet on a trip, you need to make sure that he/she takes all the necessary vaccines.

Moreover, you need to obtain the essential health documents and certificates. You see, early examination and treatment ensure your furry friend stays healthy for the journey.

3. Have a suitable schedule.


For your dog’s comfort, you have to choose a suitable travel schedule. Can your furry friend handle flying in a plane, or would they prefer a road trip? The safest way to travel with a dog or a cat is using car rides. For a road trip, you need to plan and take necessary precautions.

Whether it’s a small dog or a large dog, it’s essential to buckle either with a seat belt or keep them inside a carrier. This security belt also helps to keep the dog’s head from hanging out of the window.

However, if the only way to get to your travel destination is by flying, you need to consider airlines that permit traveling with animals. The accuracy of information regarding pet travel rules and regulations should be authentic to prevent contravening any laws.

4. Book a pet-friendly accommodation.

It’s vital to ensure that the hotel you are booking is pet-friendly. You can book online, but it’s preferable to phone the hotel directly to get specific information on their refund policy. You can also call the hotel to familiarize yourself with their customer service.

Every pet-friendly hotel has its own rules and pet policies. Some might not allow a specific type of animal, while some might allow all. It’s essential to carry out extensive research on your accommodation options to see which one can serve your pet’s needs.

5. Plan fun activities that involve your furry friend.


When planning a trip with your furry friend, there’s no gainsaying that you opt for a dog-friendly destination. It would be best if you mapped some fun activities when you’re there. Regardless, any activity you choose must have provisions for your furry friend so that they can have some fun alongside you.

Furthermore, engage in activities that’ll excite your furry friend. You can go hiking, running through the park, or play catch. The bottom line is that you and your furry friend should have well-deserved fun together.

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