The Features of an Electric Barber Chair

a man getting a haircut

When it comes to getting a haircut, some people feel like just getting a trim is enough. However, it’s the uniqueness of barbershops and salons that leads to returning customers. It’s an all-encompassing package that makes you feel at ease while you get a cut, a shave, or even a coloring. That’s why some shops are upping their tech game to stand out, by installing electric barber chairs that provide comfort for the guest and make things easier for the hairdresser.

A Modern Twist


While some people enjoy the sort of iconic feel of old-school barbershops, they don’t mind enjoying that same experience with a little bit of modern edge. That’s why the electric barber chair has garnered popularity in recent years. These barber chairs come with a heavy-duty design, allowing for easy access for anyone to get into the chair, but letting the barber be able to make adjustments accordingly without the need to shift or jerk with mechanisms that can shuffle a customer around uncomfortably while they try and get situated.

An electric base allows for a barber to get themselves at a proper level where they can give a haircut to a customer of any age and size. A customer can get sat into the chair at the lowest position, elevated to where they have a great view in the mirror at the barbershop while their cutter gives them the hairdo they desire. With the ability to recline and reset electronically, barbers are able to go seamlessly from a cut to a shave in no time at all.

Next-Level Care


The overall barber chair is an iconic look, so that’s why electric barber chairs are not straying from those traditional frames and designs. While some chairs do have a modern twist, the sturdy bases and seat cushions are getting people in the best headspace for when they get coiffed and cut. An overall unit comes with the usual key features like headrests and calf rests, but the material doesn’t always have to be black PVC vinyl. You can get into a more comfortable padded material that offers ample client support, while not doing too much wear and tear to have to replace chairs constantly.

Normal wear happens, but some poorly designed barber chairs may require replacement within the first few years of use. That’s why it’s important to have the right seat cushion for your electric barber chairs that allow for a level of comfort that is not jeopardized as each customer gets in the seat. With a dual locking foot-brake and the right motor adjustment, the salon process becomes a breeze from a shampoo to a shave.

Stay Awhile


Just like at a restaurant or a coffee shop, a customer is more than likely to stay awhile longer at the barbershop or salon if they are comfortable in the environment. That’s why barbershops are to this day still seen as a neighborhood hangout of sorts for people of all ages. A durable and comfortable electric barber chair not only affords a great new look, but it also allows a customer to feel like they can sit and chat with their stylist for a while, or even talk to their fellow customers.

With well-maintained upholstery and the ability to adjust electric components, getting a cut is more about comfort than ever for both customers and barbers alike. The customer isn’t shuffled around by sudden movements of hand cranks or shocks, and a hairdresser isn’t forced to hunch over a salon chair, impacting their back and shoulders in the long run. An electric barber chair is a sound investment for salons looking to put a modern edge on their business.

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