Tips for Living the Colorado Lifestyle


Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the country, especially when you consider the allure of the mountains and Colorado’s various opportunities to explore so many different natural environments. Colorado is the ideal state for nature enthusiasts, hikers, snowboarders, hunters, and those who love to lead an active lifestyle.

Of course, after any move or transition, it can feel challenging to find ways to adjust to your new community. Whether you just moved from out of state, or you’ve been living in Colorado for a few months, here are some tips to help you fit into the Colorado lifestyle in no time.

Explore what Colorado has to offer.


Colorado is home to many hiking trails, ski resorts, and natural wonders. To fit into the lifestyle here, it’s important to set aside some time to get outside, spend time in nature, and take in some of Colorado’s breathtaking scenery. Depending on the season, Colorado has different experiences to offer. Colorado is considered one of the best states to live in the country, and its natural environment is a big part of that.

For example, if you’re near Fort Collins in the summer, check out Horestooth Resovoir, where there are paddleboards available to rent. If you want to go on a ski trip during the winter, take a family trip to Keystone or Breckinridge for a fun-filled adventure. Meanwhile, if you’re more into shopping, take a drive to an outdoor shopping center like Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. This way, you’ll get your shopping in and enjoy the fresh air.

Your best bet is to explore the nature that’s close to where you live. Obviously, there are other more popular options like Rocky Mountain National Park, which is home to countless trails, but it’s important to get to know where you live. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful spots without planning for a day trip.

Dress the part.


Preparing for variable weather is an essential component of becoming a Coloradan. During the winter season, this means preparing for snow. If you’re living in Colorado, you probably already know that the mountains are home to most of the state’s snowfall. However, regardless of where you reside in Colorado, snow is to be expected. When winter weather hits, you want to be well prepared.

Preparing for winter weather in advance, for example, by equipping your cars for snow tires in the fall, can help you beat the snow, but it’s also a great idea to prep your clothing choices too. You’ll want to wear warm clothes that are capable of layering, so you can adjust to the amount of warmth you need, but it’s also important to choose clothes based on your personal style.

For most people, finding winter wear that’s both comfortable and stylish can be challenging. If you’re not sure where to start, petite jackets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this winter. Whether style or comfort is your priority, it’s possible petite jackets and outerwear can help you stay warm this winter without breaking the bank. Plus, if you’re a professional, you’ll be able to find great outerwear options that fit into your wardrobe seamlessly.

Plan a weekend adventure.


If you’re planning to visit multiple towns across Colorado like a true native, travel by RV for a one-of-a-kind experience. Since there are ample campgrounds and outdoor experiences around Colorado, an RV is a great outlet compared to traditional road trips. An RV allows the luxury of living within the vehicle instead of trying to find a new hotel to stay in when you need a break. To explore the road less traveled, try planning a scenic weekend trip to Poudre Canyon, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, or Desert Reef Hot Springs.

While a recreational vehicle is an incredible way to navigate and explore Colorado, it’s essential to cover your bases by opting for a warranty. Today’s Best Company helps cover the various expenses that occur when your RV needs replacement parts. As with any vehicle, RVs need replacements and regular care from mechanics and technicians. A warranty is a great way to get peace of mind when any unexpected repairs or surprises need to get taken care of with little cost to you while you’re on the road.

Your new RV allows you the freedom to travel Colorado without any barriers. This way, you’ll be able to experience the outdoor lifestyle to the fullest while retaining a little bit of comfort and luxury along the way. It’s also worth noting that this type of RV travel and outdoor exploration is the perfect travel option amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re planning a family road trip or solo adventure, setting out on the open roads of Colorado can help you create a memorable experience.

Weatherproof your home.


As mentioned before, surviving cold weather is part of the Colorado lifestyle. For many newcomers, adjusting to Colorado winters requires ensuring that plumbing is installed and working to its desired efficacy. When it comes time to renovate your home, or even just remodel your bathroom, be sure to make plumbing a top priority.

To live like locals, hire local plumbers that commit to providing quality work. If you’re not sure where to start, try asking friends and family for recommendations or conducting a location-specific Google search, like “plumber Arvada.”

For the best results, opt for a family-owned plumbing business that offers a variety of services. Many high-quality plumbers install water heaters, offer toilet repairs, repair water filtration systems, and perform emergency plumbing services. Above all else, choosing to support local businesses is one of the best ways to live the Colorado lifestyle to the fullest.

Indulge in local favorites.


To become a true Coloradan, you’ll need to set aside some time to explore local spots. While attractions like Red Rocks Amphitheater and Rocky Mountain National Park are some of the best places in the state, there are countless other aspects of life in Colorado that are well worth experiencing.

For example, Colorado has one of the largest concentrations of craft breweries in the United States. In downtown Denver, Great Divide Brewing Co. sources some of the best ingredients available from local sources, offers daily brewery tours and features nightly food trucks. Meanwhile, in Longmont, Left Hand Brewing offers a wide assortment of beers, from light to dark and mild to bold, with something for every taste.

When it comes to eating out, opt for restaurants that are unique to Colorado over large chain restaurants. Colorado is home to a diverse restaurant scene, with local spots like Bingo Burger, Jax Fish House, Little Man Ice Cream, and Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Go the extra mile to figure out which food joints are unique to your particular community and the surrounding areas. In turn, you’ll be able to live the Colorado experience by supporting businesses that practice local sourcing. Plus, you’re supporting your fellow community members that live and run their businesses in Colorado.

Above all else, becoming a Coloradan means exposing yourself to an active and more eco-conscious way of life in many aspects. To truly fit into the Colorado lifestyle, it’s essential to explore all of Colorado’s breathtaking outdoor wonders, experience and prepare for the hot summers and snowy winters, travel for a change in scenery and support local businesses. Ultimately, these small commitments and additions to your lifestyle are integral to the Colorado experience.

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