Tips for Traveling and Living in Italy

Tips for Traveling and Living in Italy

Italy undoubtedly sits high on the bucket lists of many people’s must-visit destinations due to the country’s rich culture. The lure of its history, architecture, art, wine, and food is irresistible to travelers who decide to visit for holidays or relocate permanently.

However, when planning a trip to Italy, there’s so much to consider that goes beyond your excitement to see the sites in this famous much-loved destination. Below are some helpful tips worth knowing to conveniently travel and live in Italy.

CDC Guidelines


All plans for international travel during this COVID-19 period must essentially include awareness about the coronavirus status in your destination. Thankfully, United States citizens can rely on the CDC’s travel advisory for vital information concerning current travel to Italy. Generally, all non-essential travel is heavily discouraged to reduce your odds of getting infected. However, if you must travel, ensure that you follow the CDC’s recommendations on vaccination, quarantine, and other safety precautions to remain secure at all times during your trip. It’s also prudent to invest in travel insurance for extra protection during your trip. Helpful online comparison sites such as can help with this need. is Australia’s go-to destination to compare and select insurance, utilities, and personal finance providers. Consumers can sift through their comprehensive list of insurance companies to find and compare various providers of home and contents, auto, life, health, business, pet, and travel insurance. Their range of travel insurance policies allows you to find providers that can offer you cover if specific emergencies happen during travel. Some of these mishaps include rental vehicle excesses, overseas medical emergencies, missing luggage, lost cash or documents, trip delays, and cancellation fees. What’s more, you can conveniently find, compare, and select your travel insurance provider while saving time, money, and effort.

Decide on your home base city.

Living in Italy temporarily or permanently will require picking a specific destination city, and you should put great thought into your final choice. Many travel experts suggest picking an area where you feel comfortable. Places like Milan, Rome, Florence, and Naples are excellent home base cities for English speakers. These cities also have many public and private transport modes and offer you several living options, so consider choosing one of these four locations. If you’re considering becoming an Italian citizen, getting assistance with your application process is undoubtedly necessary. Helpful law firms such as Bersani Law Firm can help with these concerns.

Bersani Law Firm assists a wide range of clients to achieve their goals of becoming Italian citizens. They offer Italian citizenship assistance services to people of Italian descent, people who want to obtain Italian dual citizenship through marriage, and those who wish to obtain their Italian citizenship by investment. You can get assistance on Italian citizenship acquisition no matter your reason, thanks to their team of Italian immigration and citizenship lawyers who help you through the entire process of your Italian citizenship application.

Learn Italian

Several Italians in the larger, tourist-dominated cities speak decent English. However, a sure way to acclimatize to your new environment is to abandon your reliance on Italian translators to learn the language for yourself. Your chances of mastering Italian are significantly higher if you know some Spanish, French, or Portuguese, so you should give it a try. To pick up the language nuances, try mimicking the pronunciations and gesticulations of natives you encounter daily to feel at home in Italy in no time.

To conclude, Italy is a beautiful destination worth considering for vacation travel and permanent relocation. The above-listed points are guidelines you can rely on to travel and live in Italy comfortably.

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