What Are Dedicated Game Servers?

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As a gamer, you understand just how important it is to have good skills to beat your opponents in your favorite games. You also know just how important your setup and Internet connection has to be in order to showcase your skills. When it comes to having the best gaming experience, you will need a gaming environment that not only helps you stay on top of your game but also boosts your skills through reliable services and strong connectivity. This is where gaming servers come into play.

Gaming servers can make the difference between a gamer and a pro gamer. Gamers are always looking for the best ways to beat their opponents whether that’s through improving their skills or playing in dedicated game servers. These types of servers can be the cause of your next victory and your next step towards greater success in the gaming or esports industry. Read on to find out how a dedicated gaming server can benefit you and your gaming skills.

What are dedicated gaming servers?


A dedicated gaming server is a computer that can host a video game for a specific client and provides a fast, reliable, and stable Internet connection. These types of servers help gamers avoid slow load times, crashes, and lost save files. They also provide better resources so you can always run your games at their best capacity. Some examples of games that can be played on a dedicated gaming server include Minecraft, DOTA 2, and Terraria.

Why are they better for gaming?

As mentioned before, dedicated gaming servers provide gamers with better resources such as larger bandwidth, RAM, and processing power. These things can help gamers host games where the data is transmitted in a timely manner to all the players so the game can be played in harmonious synchrony. As the server’s admin, the gamer can configure the server to ensure a swift gaming experience, control the number of players that can join the game, and customize any game rules and modifications.

How do they work?


A dedicated server will handle hosting duties such as keeping the game in sync for all players, managing each of the players’ locations, their activity, physics, load-outs, and scores. A dedicated server will not render the game’s graphics, controls, or sounds with a GPU, however, it will use a hefty amount of RAM and CPU to instruct the client machines (i.e. the gamer’s computer) on what and when to render. While some people prefer to build their own server at home, others benefit from the reliable, dedicated servers they can rent from companies like OHVcloud.

What are some of the advantages of dedicated gaming servers?

Some of the advantages of dedicated gaming servers include lag-free and stable performance, hardware and gameplay customization, and reliable infrastructure. They also provide gamers with high-traffic handling, prime security measures, and zero corrupt save files. Some drawbacks of using a dedicated gaming server may include the complex setup process, regular maintenance requirements, and the costs of owning or renting a server. However, most of these drawbacks can be mitigated by signing up for a server at OHVcloud.

How do I choose a server?


When choosing a dedicated server, there are many things you first have to consider. This can include factors like the server’s ability to match your game’s technical requirements, the quality of the hardware, and the guaranteed uptime. Additionally, gamers can consider the complexity of the setup process, the cost of the provided services, and the security measures that will be implemented by the server company to keep your data safe.

Now that you’re well-informed, you can contact OHVcloud for your very own dedicated gaming server.

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