What to Know Before You Start Investing

What to Know Before You Start Investing

Novice investors are often looking for an edge. Building a knowledge edge will get you ahead in the investment space, but in order to really build a long term portfolio with great, diversified assets it’s important to remember that you’ll need to continue building a growing background of information that can underpin any future trades you will be making.

Leverage Knowledge


Some of the world’s wealthiest investors have internalized this lesson, and they spend much of their days reading and learning about companies, market metrics, and interconnected global events that drive prices in seemingly sporadic ways. Everything shares a correlation, and it’s only with continued research and a commitment to lifelong learning that you can make sense of the disparate events and occurrences that shape market trends and drive price either positively or negatively on every single investment opportunity you may be looking for into.

A successful investor is one who knows the power of constant learning and is able to prioritize reading and analysis as a rule rather than an exception. Constant growth is crucial to finding and maintaining assets in your portfolio that reflect your values and the goals that you hold dear when it comes to growing your assets and wealth. Using third-party investor alerts, technical information, and direct research into cash flow, IRS or CPA audits, tax law, accounting practices, and other shareholder and stakeholders’ notices, building a picture surrounding any mineral resources, businesses, or other assets can be made easier.

Alamos Gold Inc.: A Case Study


One great example of this trend in action is with the Canadian gold miner, Alamos Gold Inc. (TSX: AGI and NYSE: AGI). Alamos is an industry-leading firm that produces hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold per year at three primary facilities in continuous operations (Mulatos Mine in Mexico and the Young-Davidson and Island Gold Mines in Northern Ontario). Alamos is working on the completion of three other projects in the Republic of Turkey as well, with the primary site at Kirazli showing the least capital costs and the largest economic impact at the same time.

With a variety of subsidiaries in North America and the Republic of Turkey, Alamos is poised for continued market leadership over the coming years. Alamos also boasts excellent financials from free cash flow to state tax compliance across a variety of local and federal municipalities. Investor email alerts and tax returns and other documents produced by the gold miner all point to a financially stable enterprise with great staying power over the long term.

However, this isn’t the only reason why investors love Alamos Gold. Alamos is an environmentally conscious gold miner with a track record of innovative change in the United States, Canada, and beyond. Alamos has committed to the use of renewable and clean energy sources rather than relying on diesel generators at their mining sites, with the flagship energy changeover happening in the Mulatos mining site. As well, Alamos has eliminated the use of cyanide and other chemical agents from their workflow in order to prevent the harmful leaching of toxins into the local groundwater that communities nearby their operations rely on for drinking, bathing, farming, and everything else.

Alamos is a conscientious gold miner that is both cutting edge in its use of pioneering technologies and its ability to continue producing at a high level. These all play a role in the favored status granted to the firm by investors in the TSX and NYSE market spaces. Accounting for these shifts in the mining industry provides additional information for an investor looking to capitalize on mineral resources while building a portfolio that incorporates SRI-compliant funds (Socially Responsible Investing).

Alamos is a great example of an investment option that fits within this approach to investing. Searching for companies that prioritize further assistance to the environment that goes above and beyond is a great way to reward companies that give back with your trust while also capitalizing on the greater market trend that is systematically favoring these types of firms.

Over the coming years more and more businesses—mineral projects and many others—will institute these same types of social responsibility into their business plans. Invest in those who are ahead of the pack for the greatest returns.

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