5 Vacation Ideas You Haven’t Considered

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Everyone loves a vacation. It’s an opportunity to kick back and shut out the chaos of everyday living. For a brief number of days, it’s perfectly okay to be jobless, idle, and perhaps, planless (if you’re the adventurous kind). As enticing as this may be, vacations aren’t always feasible. There’s usually the constraint of either money or time. Fortunately, there are many unexplored vacation ideas that are budget-friendly and convenient enough to be time-friendly. So, without further ado, here are five vacation ideas you probably haven’t considered but are totally worth a try!

A Cabin


The whole idea of a vacation is to relax, unwind, and reconnect with your body and mind. Many people believe the best means is by stepping away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and what better way to do so than to go camping. However, while camping can be fun, there’s the hassle of building tents and worrying about the weather, and this is where cabin vacations step in.

A cabin vacation allows outdoor and camping lovers to enjoy the wilderness but from a comfortable spot. If this will be your first time going camping, make sure you research pack appropriately and keep your clothing simple. As a lady, booties, and sneakers are the ideal footwear for a cabin vacation, while a sweater with sleeves, a moto jacket, faux leather jacket, skirt, and a pair of skinny jeans will suffice during autumn.

Also, ensure that your clothes are comfortable and form-fitting to avoid them feeling heavy or tight and uncomfortable should you decide to go hiking. For instance, if you’re petite size or have a petite frame, go for petite-sized clothes, like a petite leather jacket with a sturdy zipper.

Local Tourism

As humans, we’re more inclined to develop a sense of wonder for things that are not within our reach while taking the things around us for granted. This is the same treatment we apply to our cities. We want to travel to explore the world, but many of us are yet to explore the cities where we live. The truth is, we get so caught up in our daily lives that we fail to appreciate the places around us.

The best part about being a local tourist is that you don’t have to go anywhere. For instance, if you live in Southern Oregon, you can take a short drive to Premier RV Park. The Premier RV resort and its campground is a perfect vacation idea for people on a low budget. They have good amenities and several attraction spots and interactive exhibits, and artifacts that you can engage in.

In addition, here’s a pro tip. As a local tourist, it’s better to move out of your regular environment to enjoy the complete vacation feeling. If you don’t have an RV to move around like in the above example, consider staying in a guesthouse, hotel, or hostel.

Historical Sites


Taking a trip to a historical center is always a fun and exciting learning experience. This is a great vacation idea because it is all-inclusive, meaning it can serve as a solo vacation or family vacation plan.

These centers or sites help improve educational skills in both adults and children. They make learning about history easier and practical because you can see everything that is being talked about. For instance, a visit to Gateway to the Blues in the Mississippi Delta is the perfect place to learn about the Blues genre legacy in the United States.

So if you’re a music lover, you can visit this spot with your family to learn the basics of blues music. Also, you get the opportunity to step into the recording studio and put your shower singing skills to test by recording your own blues song.

Hotel Staycation

Do you love the idea of leaving a messy room and coming back to meet it clean or being treated like royalty with people at your beck and call? If yes, then you would absolutely love the idea of a hotel staycation. Unlike a home staycation where you get to lounge around in your home (we all had an excess dose of that during the COVID-19 lockdown), a hotel vacation means you get to unplug from household chores and cooking.

Even if it’s in your own town, a short stay is enough to make you feel refreshed and relaxed. You can choose to use this time to read books by the pool or go restaurant hopping. Either way, it’ll be you enjoying a premium treatment at a lower cost than buying plane tickets and traveling overseas.

Wildlife Reserve Resort


Hello animal lovers, gather here for a moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to stay in a resort surrounded by some of your favorite creatures in the world? We bet it would, and fortunately, that’s precisely what staying in a wildlife resort means. Research for the closest zoo or wildlife safari close to you and pay a visit there. Many of these safaris have cabins that promise amazing views of animals and are outfitted with WIFI and great amenities to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort.

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