Everything You Need to Know About the Water Element

a person's feet in the water

In astrology, practitioners recognize the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These elements rule each zodiac sign, as well as the astronomical bodies, calculated points, and houses of astrology. The water element is fascinating (as are the other elements, of course), with deep spiritual meanings, strong emotions, and an incomparable intuition. Contemplating the three water signs, the astrological points associated with water, or simply the general traits of the element of water throughout astrology can reveal deep truths about individuals, their relationship to the world around them, and the celestial realm more generally.

The Traits of Water


Within astrology, the element of water, like air, fire, or earth, is associated with a few particular traits. Firstly, water is seen as a nurturing sign. Much like how water keeps human beings and other organisms alive, water in an astrological sense offers an intimate refreshment.

The energies of water are also associated with creation, much like water is the ultimate source of biological life. At the same time, water is transformative. Just as a river can make its way through obstacles and come through as strongly as ever, water’s energy is ready to adapt and overcome.

Perhaps most notably, the energies of water are feeling. Those with water appearing heavily in their astrological chart may use emotions to feel their way through life and fuel their decisions along the way. Just like water itself can ebb and flow, these emotions are constantly shifting and returning, both the same and somehow changed.

The Water Signs


The three zodiac signs within the element of water are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Unsurprisingly, these are some of the most emotionally charged signs of the zodiac.

Cancer, the cardinal water sign, has an intent focus on nurturing and an instinct for caring for others. Cancers must develop a balance between caregiving and meeting their own needs, much like putting on your own oxygen mask in order to help those around you; otherwise, even the most caring Cancer can dry up.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign, but its qualities are anything but. This sign’s persistence ensures a Scorpio is constantly changing, transforming into ever-better versions of themselves. If they aren’t cautious, these transformations can cause them to take life too seriously—the happiest Scorpios make time for play even amidst their quest for change.

The final water sign is Pisces, the imaginative mutable water sign. Pisces is deeply emotional, even by a water sign’s standard, and fosters deep connections with their closest companions. Pisces will find that they can achieve their dreams by developing a toughness to complement their flowing, intuitive personalities.

The Water Points


In addition to the three water signs, the element of water rules three points in astrology. More specifically, these points are the Moon, Neptune, and Pluto.

Ruling Cancer and the fourth astrological house, the Moon considers how we give and receive love and how we go about trusting others. The satellite represents the soul path, even as the Moon itself orbits the Earth in its own predetermined path.

Neptune rules Pisces and the twelfth house, and the planet considers the individual’s connection to the divine. This water point represents the spiritual and the areas in an individual’s life where they need to surrender if they wish to be truly satisfied.

Finally, the planet Pluto rules Scorpio and the eighth house. Pluto, like the god it’s named after, is associated with death and rebirth, as well as regeneration, power, expulsion, and upheaval.

Water may be just one of four elements, but it’s nevertheless a crucial part of astrological order. Each water sign and calculated point can be studied to better understand not just the element of water itself but also the interplay between all four elements.

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