How a Supplement Manufacturer Can Help Your Wellness Brand

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When you are working to build a wellness brand, you will need to focus on various factors, including funding, product development, marketing and sales, human resources, processes, financials, customer service, and more. Running a successful wellness brand is multifaceted, and the larger it gets, the more complex it becomes. Working with an established and experienced supplement manufacturer can help you excel in your business because you will have their knowledge and resources available to you.

Here are a few ways working with a supplement manufacturer will help your business thrive.

Custom Formula


Working with an experienced manufacturer will allow you to customize your supplement formulas and ensure the accuracy and quality of the formulas meet your expectations. They will work with you to fine-tune the process and ensure your products are available in the options you are looking for at the purity your customers expect. You can determine if your products should be delivered in a capsule, tablet, soft gels, or gummies. You can specify the dosage, potency, and exact formula. If something doesn’t work the way you envisioned it, they will work with you to find what will work.

Label Design


When introducing a private label product, your label needs to be professionally created to attract buyers and support and promote your brand. Labels need to be eye-catching and consistent. A full-service manufacturer like Makers Nutrition offers in-house label design services. Their professional designers will work with you to ensure your product labels meet all legal standards while representing your brand exactly how you want them to. You won’t be pushed into accepting a generic design that mimics the design of other supplements, and you won’t have to settle for something that you aren’t happy with.



Once your products are made and ready to sell, they will need to be warehoused in a safe, clean, dry, and temperature-controlled environment. They will also have to be perfectly organized and tracked so that when orders are being fulfilled, everything is where it should be and the inventory is being carefully monitored. A full-service manufacturer will also provide warehousing services for products ready to sell. Choosing a full-service manufacturer means you won’t have to take on the worry or expense of transporting your products to several different buildings or facilities. You’ll reduce the risk of the products getting damaged, and you’ll have more consistency only working with one company.



Distribution includes processing orders as they are submitted, prepping the products for shipping, and getting them shipped to the customer quickly. All shipments need to be tracked, and the inventory must be updated. If there are issues with the shipping, they need to be addressed promptly and effectively. An established manufacturer with warehousing and distribution services will have a process and network already set up to ensure your products make it safely from manufacturing to the customer. While they do not handle customer service, they will provide the products delivered as promised to make your customer service work more manageable.

Working with a manufacturer with years of experience manufacturing supplements will give your company a significant advantage because you’ll be benefiting from their knowledge and resources. You may feel inclined to do some of these things internally to save money. However, when you take the years of experience, network, and established channels into account, the services you are paying for will allow your business to grow faster and at a lower expense than if you tried to do everything internally. Additionally, you will be able to maintain control over the products and branding when you are working directly with the manufacturer.

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