How To Make Your Elopement Special and Unique

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You want to avoid the frustrating parts of having a wedding like the planning, stressful decisions, and the costs. If this sounds more like your style, then eloping is a smart choice. Remember, eloping doesn’t mean that you have to run away and get married secretly. While eloping traditionally is considered a secretive venture, it is more common these days.

There are plenty of ways to include your loved ones on your day or after, and there are also interventions you can take to make eloping special and unique. Keep reading for some wonderful options to consider that will help you create a memorable start to your marriage.

Announce that you’re eloping.


The first thing you need to decide, with your partner’s help, is who is coming to your wedding. After all, it’s important to sit down with your partner and thoroughly discuss the ideas and visions you both have. This way, both of your wishes are considered and weighed out before making any big decisions. Arguably the biggest factor to contemplate when planning an elopement is who you’re inviting.

You can go really intimate with just you and your partner, a bit bigger with family members and closest friends, or simply invite everyone you’d normally invite. What’s critical is that you think about what you and your partner want for your big day, then translate that into a size that works for you both.

Once you’ve determined your final guest list, you’re going to want to make customizable invitations for guests (if there are any) or marriage announcements for everyone who won’t be attending the wedding day. With eloping as your choice, you could even have a small celebration after eloping to commemorate the start of your marriage the way you intended with the people who care and support you but didn’t make it to the eloping ceremony.

Get an incredible and unique ring.


If you’re going to a beautiful, breathtaking destination to elope, then you need a ring that fits the scene. Lately, there are the colored stones trends where brides rock a colored gemstone instead of a traditional diamond. A colored stone is a perfect way to make your nuptials more unique to your personal style and interests. If you’re wary of a colored stone engagement ring or wedding band, there’s no need to fret.

Take note from icons like the duchess Kate Middleton or famous stars like Scarlett Johansson and Heidi Klum, who all sport colored stones for their wedding rings. Overall, colored stone options expand the variety you get to choose from. Plus, you get to choose a unique piece that suits your wedding day, style, and personal preferences. This way, you know you’ll love to rock your one-of-a-kind ring every day past the big day, too!

Celebrate with others after the event.


Throwing an “after the wedding day celebration” was mentioned previously, but it really is something to seriously consider. For one, choosing who is invited to your eloping ceremony is difficult if you have numerous significant people in your life. No one likes hurting others’ feelings, so narrowing down lists can be challenging. Not to mention, there are usually people who would love to attend your big day, but they can’t travel for whatever personal or financial reasons they have.

Instead of missing their valuable presence, a great way to check all of the boxes is to have an after-eloping celebration. Weeks or months after the ceremony, you can have some sort of party that is personal and unique to you and your partner’s style and tastes so you get to celebrate with everyone after the big day.

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