How to Switch Internet Providers (a Step-by-Step)

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Switching internet providers to get a better deal or better connection can be relatively simple, but you do need to be aware of some details, such as whether you will be subject to a contract buyout fee or if your location is eligible for the service you want. In most instances, switching to a new provider means they take care of all the work, especially when your current provider and new provider operate on the same network. All it takes to switch internet providers are a few simple steps.


Research competitor providers in your area.



You need to start by researching which internet providers offer service in your area. Use your zip code to find providers in your area and research what plan options suit your internet needs and budget. Sometimes a new provider is willing to buy out an existing contract to earn your business, but you need to ensure you won’t be charged an early termination fee.


There is no one-size-fits-all internet plan as there are several factors that determine the best internet plan for your circumstances. It’s important to consider what you will be using the internet for, such as streaming, how many users will need to access the internet, how many connected devices you will have at any given time, and what type of connection is available.


The easy way to compare internet plans from a range of providers is with A trained consultant can help you compare the features of internet plans based on your needs and lifestyle, and help you find bundle packages and solutions that save you money. Once you find an internet plan that meets your needs, you can purchase your new service through and they’ll take care of all the paperwork for you.

Ask your current provider about deals and offers.



Always contact your current internet provider and ask about current deals and offers before switching to a new provider. Internet companies don’t want to say goodbye to customers and may be willing to offer you an attractive deal to retain your business. Compare the offer with competitor providers to see if you can beat the price, especially if you are happy with your current service but want to save money.


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Overlap your services and choose your installation.



Avoid a lapse in internet service by overlapping your services. Wait to cancel your current service until your new service is up and running. It’s better to pay for a few days of dual services than risk losing an internet connection, especially if you are working from home. You may be able to install your new internet yourself depending on the type of service you contract, but if your home doesn’t have existing lines, you’ll likely need a professional to handle the installation. A sales representative can help you determine the best type of installation for your service.


Test your connection and return your old equipment.



Always test your connection as soon as it is installed. A professional technician will thoroughly test the connection and ensure it’s working properly. When performing DIY installation, be sure to surf the internet and stream entertainment to make sure the connection is problem-free. Once you are certain your new connection is in proper working order, cancel your old service and return your old equipment immediately to avoid fees.


Switching internet providers is a straightforward process. Research competitor providers in your zip code to compare available plans, use your findings to try and get a deal from your current provider, overlap your services to prevent a lapse in services, and ensure your connection works properly before returning old equipment.

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